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  Hebei Great Electricity Piping Equipment Co., Ltd., specializing in the development and production of steel pipe fittings, anti-grinding pipe fittings and antisepsis pipe fittings with plastic liners, is a long-standing supplier for State Grid, PetroChina, Sinopec and GAMA. We provide professional production and detection of pipeline equipment for the global customers, which mainly involves the professional production and maintenance of high-quality pipeline equipment related to petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, shipbuilding and urban construction.

We have acquired the API, ASME and other world-class quality system certifications, and have passed International Quality System Authentication of ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14000 Environment Management System. Our company has carried out the precise monitoring and control entirely to each project we participate in, to guarantee the high-quality, stability and reliability for the every batch of product dispatched from the factory.

The products of our company have been widely exported to the United States, Italy, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria, Iran, Indonesia and other countries and regions all around the world.

Hebei Great Electricity Piping Equipment Co., Ltd. ,is specializing in steel pipe fittings ,anti-grinding pipe fittings and antisepsis pipe fittings with plastic liners ,which is an appointed enterprise by State Power Company ,Sinopec and Petrochina . With the title of “Star of Hebei Enterprises ”, Dianli has been awarded as a fame as “honesty and honor” for 11 years and judged as the level of “AAA” by the Agriculture Bank of China .
The company has strong production and processing capacity .There are over 130 sets of high, middel, low-pressure pipe fitting production equipments ,including heating benders for making f1520 pipe fittings ,large pushing machines for making P91 ,P22 seamless high-pressure elbows ,stainless steel elbow pushing machines , 3000 tons of hydraulic machines ,360 cubic meters of large natural gas heat treatment furnace and so on .

The main products : steel pipe fittings ,wear-resistant pipe fittings and anti-corrosion pipe fittings. Of them the steel pipes fittings includes : elbows ,bends ,tees ,reducers ,flanges ,heads ,caps ,socket ,suspending frames of high ,middle and low-pressure series .Products can be made of carbon steel ,stainless steel ,alloy steel and other special metal materials that used in oil ,electricity ,chemicals ,light industry ,metallurgy ,shipbuilding ,construction and other .They are sold to 29 provinces ,municipalities and autonomous regions .And they are exported to the United States ,Italy ,India ,Thailand ,Pakistan ,Bangladesh ,Syria ,Iran ,Indonesia and other countries and regions . Our products are mainly used in the state’s key projects , large enterprise projects ,power ,petrochemical and the oil-gas projects . Power such as Rupucheng Power Plant 2*660 MW Units, Kingshan Power Plant 2*300MW Units, Ust Power Plant 2*300MW Units and so on . Petrochemical such as 600,000 tons of Ammonia project in Ordos ,Qilu Petrochemical 450,000 ton Ethylene project ,Yanzhou Coal-oil project .The oil-gas projects such as Gas transmission from Sichuan to the East ,Central Asia pipeline project ,the second-line West-East Gas Pipeline Project and Foshan High-pressure Gas Pipeline Network Project .For export ,we invoved in many projects such as kenya Expending Capacity Project ,Kazakhstan Gas-project,etc .

The company has established a scientific system of quality assurance.It has got “ISO9001-2000 quality system certification”, “Environment Management System Certification”, “Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification”, “American Petroleum Institute (API) Certification”.The company has got “The People’s Republic of special equipment manufacturing license” awarded by the Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of China .(the safety registration certificate of manufacturing units of pressure pipeline componets and pressure vessels), “China’s member certificate of the petrochemical market material resources”, “Petrochina supplying network certificate”, “Hebei measurement guarantee qualified certificate”, “Power Station pressure pipe manufacturing qualification certificate”, “No.1 energy network member certificate”. The perfect quality guarantee system and scientific manufacturing process effectively ensure the quality of products.

The company has established Department of Quality Control and Testing Center.There are two detection systems of high-pressure and middle-low-pressure pipe fitting .The detection function is complete. The detection equipment is in advanced level at home and abroad .There are many testing project ,such as X-ray detection,magnetism detection ,ultrasonic detection ,chemical tests, metallographic analysis ,impacting tests,hydrostatic tests,spectrometry tests and Infra-red testing.The company has been assessed as the second-class measuring enterprise. It has identified as “Yanshan Pipe Fitting Product Quality Oversight and Inspection Station” by Hebei Technical Oversight Board. The companys’ products are made under the oversight of the State Power Company Product Quality Institute and Hebei Technical Oversight Board.

For pushing the scientific and technological progress of enterprises, the company improved product quality, developed new products and actively introduced technology and talents. It has cooperated with some College institutions and scientific research units like Hebie Industrial University,Hebei Mechanicat-electrial College, China Oil Pipe line Science Research Institute Power Construction Institute in technology .And eight container experts and professors have been hired as consultants .45 excellent workers have sent to Tianjin University, Hebei Mechanicat-electrial College to accept the professional and technical training. The tachnological level of enterprise has been improved. The company has got the first prize of spark technology molde enterprise in Hebei Province. Seven new technology products have respectively won the second and the third prize of Hebei Technological Progresss, the third prize of National Spark Technology and the gold award in “seven five” Spark Plan Expo.
The company’s management policy is “Quality is first, credibility is first ,people are oriented ,science and technology thrives enterprises”. Under the policy , it develops quickly. The company has developed into a morden science and technology enterprise with sciectific research development and production operations together.The company is willing to coopreate sincerely with clients at home and aborad with high quality products, good services, and common development for a better futher.


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